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    ‘I’ve gained a technique which leaves me feeling confident; trusting life, alive & energised’ C.A

Your body holds a wisdom beyond what your mind and intellect knows

I am a qualified Somatic Therapist and Educator working with people from all walks of life, facilitating a process of change by using touch, movement and body awareness to help re-educate the body, mind and emotions to work more efficiently and easily.

Touch, movement and body awareness are the fundamental ways that every human learns about themselves, others and their surroundings and these methods of communicating proceed cognitive understanding. I provide a compassionate and non-judgemental approach, based on the principles of Body-Mind Centering®, and drawing on both science and intuition.

I offer individual sessions as well as classes and workshops and have worked with a variety of conditions including; anemia, arthritis, body image, boundaries, cardiovascular health, confidence, chronic fatigue, frozen shoulder, life-work balance, muscular aches and pains, skeletal alignment, stress, women’s issues.

“soma” means to experience the body from within


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