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    ‘Soma means to experience the body from within’ Thomas Hanna

About this Approach

Somatic Therapy and BodyMind Education

Body-Mind Centering

Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy

Somatic Therapy and BodyMind Education is based on the principles of Body-Mind Centering® as taught by the Institute of Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy.

I approach each person as a well person; acknowledging the health already present in the body and building from this view point. This is in comparison to a traditional mainstream approach, which tends to focus on disease or illness.

It is a client-led process; recognising the client’s own wisdom and working with the client through talking, touch, movement and awareness to explore and discover answers along the way.

The process of change happens through the re-patterning of the Nervous System. This re-patterning is supported through cellular touch, movement and awareness; helping to feed in new, healthier patterns. Physiologically, the cells are where healing occurs, each cell holding the potential of good, glowing health and the ability to communicate this throughout the body.

Healing is not always a linear processs, like the patterns of life itself; it can be more spirallic – an on-going process of gathering and re-gathering tools along the way.

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