Terms & Conditions

These terms are laid out to ensure your safety & that there is a clear understanding of what is being offered & what can be expected.

Cancellation Policy

Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before session will incur the full fee. Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours will incur a 50% charge, unless re-booked.

Cancellations of workshops or retreats places made less than 1 week before the date/s booked will forfeit the 50% booking fee. Cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand will incur the full fee.


All personal information you share with me will remain confidential.

Professional Responsibility

  • To provide a service based on my skills & knowledge, knowing that you are the person who knows your body best.
  • To continue on-going professional development, personal study and research
  • To seek professional supervision as required
  • I may refer you to another practitioner if I feel I am unable to treat you effectively
  • To have full professional insurance

Your Responsibility

  • To take responsibility for your own well-being during sessions or workshops
  • To accurately fill in the consultation form to help me to respond best to your needs


I have a limited number of places available for people eligible for concessions. This facility is only reserved for people who will significantly benefit from this provision, or whom without it would not be able to attend individual or group sessions.