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    ‘The development process is both universal and uniquely individual.’ Linda Hartley

Read testimonials from individual sessions and workshops

Thank you for a wonderfully enlightening, liberating, moving, difficult (for a wee bit) and yes, a wee bit playful workshop. I’m so pleased that I did it and particularly at this time. …It felt really good to engage with what felt like a newly expanded but also contained body; a new frame of balance, but fluidity still within that – an awareness of that delicate, liminal point of transition and adjustment. Now noticing old body patterns more, but it feels good to have a point of reference now and I feel that some of those exercises will be of great benefit.

J.M (Workshop particpant, Cornwall)

If you’re even a little bit curious about how, or indeed if, you inhabit your body, experience your aliveness, Rachel’s work will be of great interest and benefit to you. Her passion, knowledge and gentle approach, help to hold a space that feels safe to explore reconnecting to yourself.

J.S (Somatic Educator)

I feel Rachel has a great deal to offer as a Somatic Practitioner, & I am very happy to recommend her work to you. Her work is clear & precise, attuned & sensitive. She engages in a deep somatic communication with clients, practising with both ease & effectiveness. She is able to create a comfortable relationship, allowing the work to go deep but maintaining connection with the client at all times. This enables her clients to find a deep & nourishing internal connection to themselves.

L.H (Director & Founder of IBMT)

Rachel’s work method is clear, effective and enduring. She helped me locate and clear for myself some deep-seated health conditions and I am very grateful

M.S Cornwall

I had a few sessions with Rachel the sessions supported my body awareness and healing. I felt very comfortable with her sensitive, listening presence she provided a very safe healing space. Always she is respectful and intuitive. It felt like taking a good friend on a journey to encourage me to continue to trust in my process of returning to health and vitality. Her positive attitude and acceptance at a deep level allows the body to move sound and breathe to regenerate and re-energise. Her feedback and touch to help the body stay present and grounded to facilitate this transition. I was very anaemic and depleted when I started the three treatment sessions but together with diet vitamin and iron supplementation rest and reiki the sessions improved my blood to near normal levels in 6 weeks. 

T. Cornwall

Rachel has a special gift in knowing what someone needs and giving it to them. She helped me with a profound healing, which I knew needed to happened, but I didn’t know how, nor how to ask for help. It’s as if her hands knew exactly where to go, how to support and how long for. I’ve seen her work with others in this way too.

M.J. Germany

After one session, the pain (which I’ve had for years) in my arthritic fingers has gone.

J.L, Bristol

Having suffered from scoliosis for years, Rachel has helped bring more movement into my spine. I now feel my spine moves in a way it always should have been able to move.

D.S, Cornwall

I have had a long standing problem with my right arm, and had been unable to use it much at all. Rachel gave me two treatments, and even after the first session my range of movement had improved by 50%. Since then I have been able to be much more active again.

T.W, Cornwall

I had 4 somatic sessions with Rachel, she was very intuitive and knowledgeable. It was a very subtle way of working with the body and I always find this works best with me; my body responds well to delicate suggestion and it can do the rest. It needs a reminder. I have had sacroiliac hip pain for many years and this really helped with this and was very noticeable from the first session. I also found the sessions to be very relaxing and I always occupied a state of calm for the rest of the day. I would highly recommend this work wholeheartedly.

J.G. Cornwall

Rachel has a professional approach with exceptional interpersonal skills, which bring out many hidden depths of the people she is working with. She has the ability to run a group session which also focuses on the individual, giving special quality time which is so important for the vulnerable people she is working with. She has an unassuming, gentle, approachable & engaging personality making her comfortable yet inspiring company, which also ensures that the energy of the workplace is both uplifting & calming. A perfect combination for group work.

J.A Cornwall

I came with an open-mind and was impressed with the content. The day was nicely balanced, and I found all the exercises extremely useful, and I’ll be using them all again! Rachel was also accommodating for people’s individual needs. 

S. Cornwall (workshop attendee)

The workshop was so good, and beyond any expectations. I learnt so much about my patterns and inner wisdom. I’ll be using all the exercises again, and funnily enough I really enjoyed the movement ones! Rachel has a warm and friendly approach, comprehensive, non-intrusive, and very good facilitation skills. Everything was 10 out of 10! 

S.R, Cornwall (workshop attendee)

I really enjoyed the day, it echoed a lot of the exploration I’ve been doing on a body level – giving it more focus. I now feel more connected with my core strength, and will probably use all the exercises again. Your joy in the work shines through, and that is very compelling. 10 out of 10! 

A.C, Cornwall (workshop attendee)

Perfect, exactly what I needed. I have struggled with being ‘grounded’ on this earth and participating in life. I now have a technique to use which leaves me feeling confident; trusting life, alive and energised. The pace, tone and attention was perfect, and you were approachable and supportive.

C.A, Cornwall

Gentle, non-academic and simplistic. I found the workshop useful for everyday living; for things we do all the time! Your approach was gentle, non-obtrusive and well-explained. 

L. Cornwall (workshop attendee)

Rachel you’re a great facilitator, touching my inner child, allowing me the freedom to create. I’d thoroughly recommend this work, I learnt from every workshop I attended through embodying and exploring. It was fun! 

T. Cornwall (workshop attendee)

Rachel held a really safe space for me to explore my feelings through movement and awareness of my body. She was very intuitive and helped me to open up and release feelings that I wouldn’t have been able to voice, but could feel in my body. I’m feeling much more grounded and able to cope now. I realise that there is something a lot bigger than my mind, and that I can relax and my body knows… It was an empowering experience and has given me another tool in my life toolkit!

H.S, London